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09.06.03 -

[please note the lack of exuberance this entry has as compared to the previous one. i think i may finally be "coming down".]

and so it turns out that my bobby person is a close person friend of sarah's famed modest mouse boy... roommates in college and members of a freestyle rap group, they are. small world, indeed!

it gave them plenty of things to talk about. i kept bemoaning the fact that he wanted to talk to her more than me, and my friends confirmed that he was definitely very into her. le sigh. lucky for me, she didn't want him [despite agreeing that he was the cutest boy everrrr], but his absentee comrade.

my favorite part was sarah running up to me all night saying she'd told bobby what a huuuuge crush she had on modest mouse boy. over and over. this morning, her recollection of events seemed a little different, but i guarantee she confessed all. it was so very hilarious, i promise.

i can admit that i have a crush on bobby, in that "shallow-not-really-a-crush" way.. he's UNDENIABLY fucking adorable.. he also speaks french and is funny and completely unpretentious. but people as good-looking as him have to be taken with a grain of salt. he *knows*. he KNOWS that he's a little dreamboat and therefore cute girlies are drawn to him like a moth to the fire.

my crush shall never reach fruition. not *just* because he's the unattainable, but because why bother? it's much more fun being silly and girly about boys than worrying about actual feelings. i don't mind carrying on with this for another couple weeks - it too shall get tiresome.

i think one new crush a week is the healthiest way to go.

there was a moment that i won't try to explain to you. he looked at me in this one certain way and i knew we needed to leave the party immediately.

on the way to james' car, we called sarah's apartment and left her a message..

"sarah, i'm with you right now.. but i just had to tell you, i LOVE you!! [in the background, sarah says:] i love you, tooo!!! [back to me] you're the greatest and i had soooo much fun with you tonite.."

imagine a good solid couple minutes of this.

water is an intoxicated person's best friend. i made sure to chug as much as possible before falling asleep.

today, we went shopping at village discount and got disco dresses and tacky shoes. we're gonna feather our hair and attend boogie nights as disco divas. we just looked at ourselves together in the mirror and lord, it is striking how good we look together.

bring on the balding middle-aged losers!

think: good weekend, but better. like, times one thousand.



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