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11.24.03 - 11:03 am

brian's the reason i heard/about the brian jonestown massacre. that isn't to say i wouldn't have discovered them on my own had we never met. i just give him full credit for introducing me to them.

i've always heard that either their shows are AMAAAAZING or fucking awful. before friday, i'd seen three AMAAAAZING brian jonestown shows. i didn't believe brian that they could even possibly be bad.

friday night, they were horrible.

anton was in the worst mood ever and was very very drunk. he berated the audience during the whole set.. calling us names and blowing things out of proportion and drunkenly repeating himself.

i was embarrassed for him.

my friends looked at me, "this jerkfuck is the guy you've been dying for us to see?"

he probably got through eight complete songs, with the last one turning into one of those noise-rock jam sessions that i fucking despise. the abbey had to turn the lights off on them to get them to stop playing.

instead of getting angry at anton, like my friends seemed to expect, i was sympathetic. because i've SEEN how fucking brilliant he can be, and i know he just had a bad night.

ben said, "you know what? i don't care how much i liked a band. if i took you to see someone i loved and they treated the audience like shit, i would say, 'yeah this guy sucks. i don't think i can like them anymore. what a fucking dick...' and be done with them."

sorry, my love for bands is unwavering. just look at my stupid ongoing dedication to the fucking cure.

for the most part, my friends were not amused by anton's antics. they liked the music, but even their performance was subpar. so whatever to that.

if i could've given that guy a hug and said, "it's ok, i still love you.." i would've.


my GOD how i love/hate wisconsin.

i always forget.

in a month i'm going back with a guest, and my aunt is making a hair appointment for me at her favorite little salon. supposedly, these ladies are actually very sweet and UN-tricoci-like, AND they know what they're doing. we're talking a make-over here, guys. i would like to look like a girl for once, maybe?

and i'm sorry, but 3am drunken phonecalls are the. best.

it's hard not to contrast and compare. there's something to be said for taking the "arm" out of "arm's length".


and what's most exciting of all to me is that if i have my way, i won't be working during the month of december. if they've already scheduled me, well whatever. but if not, i will ask for the month off. it will be glorious. i'll be rich and poor, all at once.


dear fannypack,

where have you been all my life? you're hilarious. i love you to death.

muah!!, laura....



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