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01.02.05 - 2:47 am

i love my job.

tonite jared & i explored the art of secretive "side conversations" about the less likables sitting at our table.

he's hands down my favorite person at work. sometimes it's like we share a brain. i love when you barely know a person and totally catch their eye at the absurdly perfect moment and exchange knowing, sarcastic looks.

that, and he knows like every important pop culture reference, ever.

this horrible girl, phoebe, she mangled a key line from "clueless" and we both corrected her at the same time.

at one point i asked to look at his phone and was going through his phonebook memory. i saw my number pop up from when i called him to cover a shift last week when i was "too sick" to work. he didn't save my number or assign me a handle, so i took the liberty of dubbing myself "coolest girl ever" for him to find later and get confusified.

sure enough 10 minutes after i dropped him off i get a call from area code 954.

mark my words: we will be partners in crime.

i just got the best 230am call in the history of drunken late night calls.

everything is going swimmingly well! and 7.5 hours from now i will be greeting a blue-eyed giant at our door who smells more amazing that i could ever imagine another human smelling.

"gimme this girl, pleeeeease..."
the strangest person i've ever met is this fellow from work, who i cannot name in this diary as his name is so strange that if anyone ever googled it, this page would immediately come up.

he still sings my name, over and over again. "lorrr-UH,lorrr-UH,lorrr-UH"...and makes the funniest faces. he's so damn likable and i try, really so hard, to give him the cold shoulder.

and what kills me is at this point i'm dying to have a conversation, or at least stop both of us acting so goddamn weird all the time. but befriending him is kind of like playing a game of chess.. it's absurd.

i'd like to take him on a double date and see just exactly what kind of gal it would take to keep someone like this kid hanging around for three or more years.

i tell ya, there's just something about him.

he metaphorically tickles me.



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