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03.02.05 - 5:32 pm

dear diary,

today i got fired. for the first time in my life. by someone i like and respect. and it suuuuucked.

mopily yours,


but seriously, i'm not one to merrily let unfortunate events ruin my life. i'm much more of a "look on the bright side" type of person.

sure, all my plans to get all this debt paid off are obliterated for the time being [until summertime and big bowl gets HOPPIN!! again], and i will never again be able to have a normal conversation with anyone who still works there other than shannon, and my pride is severely wounded [because being fired is pretty much equivalent to blunt-as-all-fuck breakup]...

but i no longer have to get up at 5am.
i will be able to get more sleep [thus my purple bags will melt away]..
i will have time to do laundry and take out the garbage and all the roomatish things that i used to randomly do [and in the last 3 months have done like once]...
i will have time to see other friends than shannon and j. and red.
i will have time to take advantage of netflix.
i will be able to work with my friends at big bowl [and pick up shifts at our other location, where lots of people i love also work!!]

most of all, i'm just hoping i'll feel calmer, less stressed, and more rested.

60+ hours a week was a lot to take on - i wouldn't have thought it'd be, but it was.

and it was a great learning experience, and blah blah blah.

but dude, i'm bummed.

ps, i just remembered i left half a bag of cheetos and half a twix bar in my mail box, and that is so embarrassing!




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